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My name is Angela Doucet and I have been an artist in one form or another all my life.
In 2002, I started the A.D. Art Project, and began marketing my work on eBay and in
local shops. As of 2007, I have sold over 700 paintings, prints, and sculptures in four
continents. I have done many commissioned pieces and can't wait to get started on
more. My art ranges from tiny folk pieces to huge abstracts and everything in between!

All of my artwork is created using top quality materials. My acrylic paintings are
done on gallery wrapped canvas (no staples on the sides) and the edges are painted
black so you can hang the painting right out of the package! No need for a frame!
All prints are limited editions and are numbered and catalogued. Both prints
and original paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed, and dated
with the catalogue number. I also design websites, murals, and tattoos. Have a look at
the mural page or the gallery for examples of these!

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